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How dangerous gluten can be to our overall health!

You have certainly asked yourself about the scientific issues that call for the elimination of gluten from our diet.

Much has been said and few conclusions are drawn. In this way and being a very hot topic I decided today to take an interview given by one of the greatest specialists of the subject in the Portuguese language.

According to Dr. Rocha, gluten is considered “a true poison that is hidden in many tasty foods”, as he calls it.


Before explaining whether gluten is bad or good, let me show you what gluten is after all. It is no more than a protein found in various cereals, such as wheat, barley, oats and rye.

Usually it is found in several masked products such as pasta, bread, all kinds of cakes and cookies. Among others, that you will certainly already know, but that for the purpose of today we will not address.

What is your opinion as a doctor?

Dr. Rocha has been very discreet about this topic, despite being very direct with his clients. He remains aligned with his mission as a health professional and says that he only brings the most up-to-date information with greater scientific power to the market.

In one of his videos he starts by talking about how gluten is responsible for chronic inflammation in different parts of the body. He mentions that an article in one of the most prestigious journals of the moment on this topic (the New England Journal of Medicine), listed about 55 diseases that are apparently linked to gluten.

I will now list some of the diseases that are linked to gluten:

– irritable bowel disease
– osteoporosis, anemia
– fatigue, migraines
– depression
– anxiety
– neuropathies (diseases that damage the nerves)
– rheumatoid arthritis
– lupus

In addition to this relationship, it is affecting the scientific community and alarming communities, there are still more dangerous correlations. According to Dr. Rocha, most gluten-rich foods predispose to the onset of diabetes and other associated diseases, such as blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart attack and strokes.
A pertinent question that arises as a great objection!


The doctor explains that many people say that their grandparents used to eat bread all their lives and were not obese, nor had serious illnesses.

The most plausible answer that Dr. Rocha usually gives is that the gluten of the time was different from that of now. Research has shown that the doses of gluten present are higher than in the past, not to mention that it is much more harmful in the face of the changes suggested by the food industry.

In his office, the doctor reveals that many people have shown good results by adopting this type of tips in their diet.

One of the changes I learned from the doctor was how he himself learned to make some of his dishes at home gluten free. One of the most desirable is the gluten-free bread that he makes at home and which has proved to be quite tasty, and you can know how to live without gluten here .

In the video below Dr. Explains in detail:

My opinion about your life mission

Is the theme of life mission so complicated?

One of the most popular questions about human potential is related to the individual or collective life mission . There are a lot of theories about this theme, and many contradictory opinions.

My most sincere opinion is related to the way each person relates to this issue and whether in general it limits or facilitates a general process of personal development, in theory and applied in practice. So today I’m going to give my opinion on this topic and I hope I can help you in some way.


I believe that everyone in this world comes with special talents and gifts or that during the evolution in life we ​​develop a set of skills and learnings that allow us to have a meaningful learning that can be put at the service of others. Usually when people say they do this in their lives they feel and refer to feelings of happiness and joy.

And I also believe that all human beings have a specific set of needs, in addition to physiological needs, which can give us a strong direction for the path to be taken.

In general, our life mission is linked in my understanding to a first instance of evolution. I believe that one of the most common things for each being is evolution.

In an important part of evolution and I like to put people’s “great inferiorities”. One of the great learnings that life can give us and be linked to our mission is the way we face inferiorities, the way we relate to them and in short the strategies that we can develop to overcome and leverage all these learnings, for our own benefit or benefit from society in general.

Being at peace with all of them, and the learning that results from them are perhaps very important pearls for our life.

Back when I referred to “great inferiorities”, in fact they were only perceived in this way at a certain moment in history because in the future they can be great assets and unparalleled powers to serve great personal and collective achievements.

We see people who lead lives of struggle, without ever trying new learning or alternatives to deal with the “so-called inferiorities”. This puts them in a state of suffering and sadness, without ever asking for help or trying alternative ways. In this way they successively postpone what could be a leverage phase.

This is part of the mission! And the other part.

Other of the issues that I think should be part of our mission are related to what we consider most important for our life, what are deep desires and big intentions for our life.


We see things that tell us a lot, that we appreciate and that we like. In general, living these things, having them in our life, in a balanced way and satisfying our psychological needs are a great guide to follow.

I believe that there can be several missions for our lives. Depending on our area of ​​activity or context in which we are, we may have more precise intentions.

For me, talking about life mission, life purpose or great intentions for the world is the same concept, so it is extremely important to have time and space in our life to reflect on this subject. If you need support on the areas of the mission or purpose, see a book and blogs on this topic, and a recommendation can be found at http://mypropositodevida.com/ .

Have you tried to set specific goals for your life and failed to meet them?

After all, is it really a science to set goals !?

Because I don’t know if it is a science or not, but I believe that, after observing many people and the way they achieve their goals in the various areas of their life, there is a pattern that deserves a lot of attention.

Goal setting is extremely important in our life and helps us to establish a much greater focus on our life. It focuses on what we want and the acquisition of strategies to achieve the objectives. And as we should all already know, where our attention goes, our energy flows.

set goals

I usually talk about setting goals for the various areas of our life. I usually propose to my clients to define objectives for the physical area (health, energy levels, body, weight, body image); emotional area (the way they relate to themselves and to others, in various relationships); mental area (related to the way they think, beliefs, convictions); financial area (how they relate to money, how much they want to earn) and also the area most linked to the purpose of life (related to the deepest meaning for life, the deepest intentions for their lives, and the way they imagine making their biggest contribution to the world).


A recommendation I especially like to give about our deepest intentions or life purpose

One of the ways to give more strength to our goals, however simple they may be to achieve and link them to our deepest intentions, is to link them to things that are extremely important in our life and how it could transform and leverage our deepest intentions.

That is why I always recommend that we align our objectives with our deepest purposes or intentions for each area of ​​our life. If you find it interesting and want to deepen this theme, you can read this article here about life purpose .

Note that this is an individual issue and each person has their own specific way of relating to him. There is no right or wrong. I usually work with people alerting them that this is a way of setting goals for their lives, but that its shape is the one that matters most following this model that I will explain to you. I also ask that you do not make any kind of judgment and that you dream as much as you can, and later on we will leave the second way how we will define strategies to reach the intended sites.


The first great technology and well known as SMART.

Have you heard of SMART goals? Well, this was the starting point for several incredible journeys in my life and one that I have been sharing consistently in my life over the years. It was developed in the 70s and has remained until today.

It is said that a SMART objective tends to be more easily achieved and keeps people more focused on achieving it.


I will then explain what characteristics the objectives must have in order to be more easily accomplished. They must be:

  • Specifics: When looking at the description of an objective, any person must understand precisely what we are talking about.
  • Measurable: It must be possible to measure. It must be possible to know if we are evolving in our objective, and to know when we have reached it. Sometimes there are objectives that involve small tasks and their way of measuring is only if it has been achieved or not.
  • Actionable: It must depend on me to be in progress.
  • Realistic: Being realistic means that the person believes in that goal. It is not worthwhile to propose certain objectives if, deep down, we do not believe in them.
  • Temporal: Yes, this is very important and most people forget. The objective must be defined in time, there must be a deadline. Otherwise, our unconscious, realizes that it has time and this way it will not mobilize the resources it deems necessary. Don’t forget.

Now that you have a methodology, to define your goals in the various areas, I hope you will take action and put it on paper. Write in the most poetic way you can find, because after all they are your goals.

Discover one of the most precious nutrients for life!

How do you know if your health has the missing nutrient?

How do you know which nutrient is missing? That sounds like doctor talk , right? Well, the answer is yes and no. I believe that some doctors know and value what we are talking about here, others think that this subject is just bullshit talk.

And you know what, I see no problem with that. I believe that each one thinks and behaves the way they behave because it has in itself some innate and learned mechanisms that make it behave in a certain way to satisfy a set of needs in the most effective way that they believe.


And there are even some medical colleagues with whom I shared this view, and they are completely in agreement.

So let’s go to that, and I leave it up to you to be as critical as possible in relation to my opinion, since there are many opinions and dilemmas about this nutrient. But before that, let me give you a security alert.

But what kind of nutrient is this so precious?

Well, I will try to be as direct as possible. This nutrient that I am talking about is not exactly a nutrient as is said at the food level. Nutrient was the term that I found to support the text and give even more importance to it being in our life.

The nutrient is objectively what many people call the purpose of life!

Life purpose, one must be asking what is this thing and why is it important in our life?

I am not going to speculate much on this topic as it can be seen in many ways, and from different perspectives. For some people it is what they believe they came to do in this passage, for others it is just living what arouses their most attention and makes them feel more intense and strong emotions, for others it is the great contribution they intend to bring to the world.

And you know what? All are correct and all are valid. There is nothing wrong with connecting the way you want to your purpose.

Have you ever imagined how you feel when you do things that make you passionate, when you do things that make you smile, how do you feel when you come into contact with certain things that make you happy, content, enthusiastic?

For the answer is quite obvious, in my opinion!

But let me also ask, how do you feel when you do things you don’t like, things that make you feel bad, something that doesn’t fill you, something that makes you feel emotions that you don’t really like?

It’s quite different, I say!

But this being such an important issue for most people …

Why nowadays is the search for the purpose of life completely ignored and often considered a whim?

I believe that our society has become conditioned by a strategy so subtle that many do not even realize it. And the way the possibility for our life was presented to us, so we accept it and are living.


We live in a society in which very small children sit 8 hours a day, conditioned to study what other people have decided to study, with the purpose of entering college, taking a course, getting married and having children … oh and wait for death!

Little is asked about individual needs, personal passions and deeper intentions, or even our purpose in life. A lot of people think that these are so silly questions that they don’t even waste time listening to a different opinion. If you are really interested in researching more about this theme and discovering our deepest passions and intentions, you can see here the book life purpose , with a step-by-step method to find yours. I believe it can be a very funny and fun trip.

The world has changed, our mentalities have changed, but they want to force us to buy what we don’t need, to judge that we need something that will make us happy. It is time to stop and criticize our daily actions, our intentions, our emotions.

What happens to our health when we don’t pay attention to the basic nutrient?

In my case it was terrible! Accustomed to a family concept of earning more and more money to buy a car and a house, which made me feel obliged to continue working 12 hours a day, with no time to take care of myself or to care for those close to me.

The result was the episode of a pressure cooker over a fire. It heats, it heats and one day it breaks. Depression, stress, anxiety, fear of the future, are usually symptoms that, if well explored, can be precious in the search for a new direction for our lives.

I hope it makes sense to you! Thanks.


Watch out for the gluten fashion!

After all, the fashion of gluten-free foods is to be taken seriously?

Much is said in newspapers, magazines, blogs about the harmful effects of gluten. Several books come to us daily pointing out scientific articles from all sides that have left our hair in the air.

One thing is certain, the numbers of people who are sensitive to gluten or with gluten intolerance are increasing and are attacking more and more children and young people.

And the question remains …


My aim with this article is to provide a critical view on the topic and make clear some facts and situations and raise some false questions (or not).

Let’s see …

Should we all go on a gluten-free diet?

One thing is certain, anyone who is sensitive to gluten or intolerance will certainly have to stop eating gluten and adapt their diet to their body.

There is a list of some symptoms that people should be aware of and try to gradually start changing their diet. However, the question that arises is whether people who have no symptoms should exclude themselves completely from their diet.

In an article I read, on the Sapo website, a nutritionist talked about these issues. Here I will try to summarize a little of your interview.

An example that the nutritionist reports in the interview was a case of a gentleman who chose to start a gluten-free diet just because his wife was celiac. Just for the sake of convenience in making meals and to accompany his wife he decided to start a gluten-free diet.

Despite having no symptoms, he says that over the days he was feeling slightly different. One of the things he mentioned almost immediately was improvements in gastrointestinal transit, decreased feeling of fullness and decreased feeling of abdominal bloating.

Are we facing a new paradigm in health

The opinion of some nutritionists, is that if the gluten-free diet was recommended only for celiac or sensitive users, today it is not so.

The reality in offices is very different from a few years ago. Today more and more people because they have some symptoms that they consider relevant and related to celiac disease, prefer to start the diet and ask for an opinion on how to do it safely.


Some people report an undesirable set of symptoms and ask for their opinion. Some symptoms include:

  • Diarrhea;
  • Dizziness;
  • Constipation;
  • Feeling of fullness;
  • Nausea;
  • among others;

How should the gluten issue proceed at last

Experts warn of the danger of fashions and that we should not embark on it without a critical sense. Now let’s see.

Each case is unique and we should not make generalizations. Total or partial elimination is not recommended, nor does it have positive effects in all cases. According to the interviewed nutritionist Susana Felix, they should only exclude gluten in two situations:

  • After confirmation of the diagnosis of celiac disease;
  • And in cases of users who manifest intolerance, sensitivity or allergy (after some medical tests). And in these cases it can be total or partial.

We have already mentioned here some benefits pointed out by the exclusion of gluten from our diet, however a personal recommendation is that you pay attention to your body and seek the help of a suitable professional to guide you in the process.

If you notice any symptoms, start by making small changes to your diet. Start by changing the type of pasta you eat, you can get homemade bread to gluten in your house (very simple and cheap, if you can inform in March by clicking here ), elim ine flour, and everything that has wheat or rye. I think it’s a good start. But you can always buy a cookbook and suit your lifestyle.

Some myths about the gluten-free diet

As we already mentioned, there are situations that are not very recommended to do and we should never do it without monitoring.

And yet, I want to reinforce that although some industries are taking advantage of fashion they assume several benefits. As already known of the benefit to lose weight . I warn and repeat that it is not a strong effective and healthy way to lose weight in a healthy and lasting way.

Purpose of Herqq.Org: Health Portal

The great purpose of the Herqq.Org project

Herqq.org is a project that emerged with the aim of informing the general population, on various day-to-day matters.

We would like to offer our readers the most varied themes in the areas that we find most relevant for several generations. Not being a specific blog, we would like to highlight the fun way we choose our writers.

We went to choose doctors from various areas of specialty, namely in the area of ​​food, neurology, supplementation. We chose experts in functional nutrition and detox.


We will give special emphasis to Women’s Health and we will address topics such as adolescence, puberty, menstruation, child care, and skin care, among others.

How the editorial team of Herqq.Org is formed

We have several technicians specialized in motor problems in children and adults, such as scoliosis, childhood growth problems, in the knees and spine, among others.

Our editors usually travel the world and still end up bringing us the most varied stories of experts in the areas we talked about earlier. The team has extensive experience and we intend to provide general tips and strategies to simplify the lives of several generations.

Now one must be asking, how do we get so much knowledge. One of the strategies we are going to adopt is to establish worldwide partnerships, in order to deliver some English content in Portuguese. For that, we will take some content from international experts and re-edit according to the vision and life experience of each one.

What are the main partnerships of the Project in the area of ​​Health

We have established some worldwide partnerships, for the most diverse areas, namely: 1- Dermatological Skin Care: https://www.dermalogica.com/ ;

Here we will address several topics related to skin care, acne, psoriasis, dermatitis and sun care.

2- Baylor Scolioses Center: http://www.baylorscoliosiscenter.com/

Here we will talk about one of the biggest diseases that affect children, scoliosis and what is the best approach to relieve pain, without resorting to medication.

3- The Knee Society Update: http://www.kneesociety.org

We will talk to some specialists in the orthopedic field and try to clarify to the population which is the best solution to prevent degeneration in the knees and joint pain in the knees.


4- Web Md Magazine: http://www.webmd.com/

Here we have the largest website with regard to various health topics. We recommend that you subscribe to all the news on this site and follow some blogs with the opinion of the most varied themes

5- Nutrition Facts: http://nutritionfacts.org/

This is the largest authority website on nutrition. He is a nutrition specialist, and a frequent author in the New York Times. He is also known for his selfless attitude to donate all his proceeds from books to charities.

6- Dermatology Skin Care: http://www.dermatologyandskincare.com/

Skin Care is an English term that has also arrived in Brazil and is associated with skin care. Here this area is more dedicated to women, but recently, research by men is also increasing. We will address new strategies and methodologies for dealing with wrinkles, acne, pimples

7- Gluten Free: https://www.glutenfree.com

In the gluten-free area commonly referred to in the area of ​​nutrition, we will address which are the best recipes to help celiac people, as well as people with sensitivity. We will go into detail in the areas that respect the way to choose gluten-free pasta, we will present the most complete lists of gluten-free foods, we will bring in some experts who will teach us how to make gluten-free bread , which are the best flours on the market and which are the best places to buy products.

In this way we think that we will bring to our customers and readers impressive tips to change the way they see their life.

Over time we will update more categories, and all news will be sent by email, only to those people who subscribe to our newsletter.